How To Increase Profits with Chitika By Increasing Website Traffic

So now you know that with Chitika there are two ways to get income. One is through the pay per click program and the other is through the referral program. However, if you can’t get enough traffic you won’t make money from either of these sources. If you don’t get enough traffic, your Chitika earnings will look similar to the earnings below. 

So how do you increase website traffic?

1. Use social media. I highly recommend you let your friends and family know about your website as this will allow them to share with their friends and family too. If your website is fairly new this is a great way to get the ball rolling and get some traffic.

2. Make sure your content is free. Now I know many of you want to make money by selling products, but if you’re only get a few visitors per month, selling anything will be difficult. Try and get your website established first before you try selling anything. I always say that informative websites always do well because they can get a high rank on Google fast. Also people will stay on your website for longer periods of time if you have something free to offer whether it’d be training videos, informative articles, etc. Remember, the more traffic, the more money you will make with Chitika.

3. Advertise. After your website is getting some decent traffic, you can always do free and paid advertising. At this point the products you want to sell on your website should be available, especially if you consider paid advertising. You can use companies like Craigslist and Backpage for your free advertising needs. For paid advertising there are many different companies you can work with like Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. You can also choose to buy solo ads or email advertising to attract more visitors to your site and ultimately buy your product. This traffic will not only be good for getting sales, but will benefit your Chitika income. Also, never buy into traffic exchange websites as the traffic is very low quality. Most of the traffic you get will only visit your website for 10 seconds. This kind of traffic will certainly not click on your ads, let alone buy anything you are trying to sell.

The last thing I recommend you do is be patient, especially if you’re trying to make decent money with Chitika. It takes time for your website to get known and go up in rank with Google. In the first month your website is live you may only see a few dollars as your website is still growing. The people who are making good money with Chitika weren’t always doing so. They all started at the bottom.

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