Why Fast Bowler HAve Pain in Lover Back.?

Introduction: I am A Fast Bowler of Age 22 and I am bit quick in bowling. 3 years ago i had pain in my lower back opposite to my bowling arm. I was very worried i  went to doctor he told me to shut cricket down and i was shocked well i left cricket for about 2 months but the pain did not reduced during these 3 months..

How did I got Rid of Pain:
       Well We had a great event in our town too much stars were there and i also showed my interest in playing that event. While we had a coach for our club.. i told my problem to him and he told me a great thing. you won't believe this i got rid of that pain in just 2 days.

     So that was raw egg mixing in milk, I used it for two days and Now I am Completely Fit and Playing games. If you have any Problem in your back you must use it. You will definatley feel that your pain in going .. I personally experienced it so you also try it for once.

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